Monday, 13 March 2017

Winston S. Rickards Memorial Oration, “Advocating on the Edge: Three Quarters of a Century of the Children’s Court Clinic in Victoria”. 20 March

The Winston S. Rickards Memorial Oration, to be delivered by Dr Patricia Brown, Clinical Psychologist, on Monday, 20th March 2017 at 7.30pm in the Ella Latham Theatre, The Royal Children’s Hospital, Flemington Road, Parkville, Victoria.

As Clinical Director of the Children’s Court Clinic in the Department of Justice, Victoria, Dr Brown is well known across Australia and overseas as a champion of the rights and wellbeing of the most vulnerable children and young people in our communities. These are of course those who may be, or have been, removed from the care of their parents, and those who may have committed serious crimes. Her understanding of the complex societal and psychological issues underlying the difficulties faced by these children and teenagers, and her compassion for them in the context of their encounter with the Children’s Court, are nothing short of inspirational. In the Oration, Dr Brown will speak of the challenges in responding to the requests of the Clinic made by the Children’s Court Magistrates, and in advocating for the psychological needs of the children and young people involved, often in controversial circumstances. She will also describe her role in advancing the practice of the Clinic, and in shaping forensic clinical psychology as a specialisation in Australia.

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