Monday, 21 September 2015

SCS medical student’s research provides insight into infectious disease

4th year MBBS student Greta Gurry
A history of chicken pox is very likely to predict immunity to varicella zoster, according to latest research from Monash University.

Published last week in the high impact journal AIDS, the research study was led by School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health (SCS) medical student Greta Gurry.

The findings from this study suggest that blood testing for varicella serology (chicken pox or shingles) in HIV patients with a history of these diseases is not necessary as these patients already have protective antibodies.

“While this correlation has previously been demonstrated in healthy populations, Greta’s study is the first to show this in an immunocompromised cohort,” said Dr Ian Woolley, Deputy Director Infectious Diseases and Director HIV Medicine at Monash Medical Centre.

“As well as avoiding unnecessary blood tests, this study provides us with the evidence that we don’t need to expose people with weakened immune systems to the chicken pox vaccine.”

Because the chicken pox vaccine is a live vaccine, there are risks associated with administering it to HIV patients.

A fourth year medical student, Greta undertook a Bachelor of Medical Science (BMedSc) in 2014 with Monash Infectious Diseases under the supervision of Infectious Diseases Physician and SCS Clinical Dean Dr Claire Dendle and Dr Ian Woolley, and has already achieved two publications in prestigious journals.

“The results of Greta’s thesis—whether evidence of latent infections common in resource-poor countries was present in a cohort of patients living with HIV—were published in the Medical Journal of Australia in March this year,” said Dr Dendle.

 “Greta also showed that systematic screening in our population for schistosomiasis and strongyloidiasis was justified and should be included in Australian guidelines as it is in European guidelines,” added Dr Woolley.

In addition to her publications, Greta was invited to speak at the Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases 2015 Annual Scientific Meeting in Auckland.

“This a terrific demonstration of our BMedSc students making a meaningful contribution to clinical science as well as learning how to undertake research and finding out whether it could be part of their future career.” said Dr Dendle.

“Undertaking a BMedSc at SCS was a fantastic experience and one that I highly recommend,” said Greta.

“A BMedSc is an excellent opportunity to learn skills in research without the added pressure of working or studying concurrently, allowing you to take the time to comprehend numerous aspects of research.”

“The support I received from my supervisors Dr Ian Woolley and Dr Claire Dendle, along with the entire ID department, allowed me to expand my knowledge in this area as well as enjoy my year immensely!” 

17th International Congress of Endocrinology to be held in China

Professor Ebeling  AO
For the very first time, China will host an international scientific meeting in Beijing next year.

Head, Department of Medicine Professor Peter Ebeling AO has recently returned from China where he was a member of the scientific program organising committee of the 17th International Congress of Endocrinology.

“We’ve been fortunate to hold the 2016 Congress together with the Annual Meeting of the Chinese Society of Endocrinology, who usually have around 5000 people attend,” said Professor Ebeling.

“We anticipate next year’s International Congress to be a very big meeting, in the region of 7000 to 8000 people.”

Until now, international scientific organisations have resisted holding meetings in China due to infrastructure limitations, however Beijing can now cope with large international meetings thanks to the 2008 Olympics.

“The convention centre is just near the Olympics’ Birds Nest stadium and there are many hotels within close proximity,” added Professor Ebeling.

“We are planning a very exciting program to attract delegates to China next year.”

The Chinese Society of Endocrinology is more than 50 years old and there is particular expertise in endocrinology in China—approximately twenty per cent of the speakers at the Congress will be from China. There will also be many speakers from Australia with MHTP being well represented.

“Because of their population, the Chinese also bring significant clinical experience with large numbers of cases.”

“In China, I’ve seen a whole ward of patients with a very unusual pituitary tumour that we would only see 2 or 3 cases of each year.”

Professor Ebeling said the meeting will be an ideal opportunity to foster future research collaborations in China.

Monash medical students 'highly commended' in Undergraduate Awards

SCS medical student
Jia Hui Lee
Congratulations School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health (SCS) medical students Jia Hui Lee, Robert Little and Thomas Hvala, Highly Commended Entrants in the internationally competitive and prestigious Undergraduate Awards.

Cited as the ultimate champion for high potential undergraduates, The Undergraduate Awards is the world's only pan-discipline academic awards program that identifies leading creative thinkers through their undergraduate coursework.

Jia Hui's paper, "Psychiatry Case Report - An Acute Psychotic Episode" performed in the top 10%  of all submissions in the Medical Sciences category, representing Monash University.  

Having been assessed by a panel of academics from universities around the world, Jia Hui, Robert and Thomas were shortlisted among the 50 winners.  

As a Highly Commended Entrant, these students are identified as outstanding academics at the international level," said Mr Owen Murphy, International Engagement Manager of the Undergraduate Awards.

This year, the Undergraduate Awards received 5,117 submissions from students in 255 universities across 39 countries.

On September 23, The Undergraduate Awards will announce their final winners, the top performer in each of the 25 categories in both the Irish and International programs.  All winners receive a free ticket to the Undergraduate Awards Global Summit in Dublin, Ireland in November.

Monash researcher recognised by World Sleep Association

Dr Sarah Biggs from The Ritchie Centre has been awarded the 2015 Distinguished Activity Award from the World Association of Sleep Medicine for her efforts in organising the Australian and New Zealand World Sleep Day event held 13 March, 2015.

World Sleep Day is an initiative aimed to increased awareness and provide education on all aspects of sleep health around the world.

This year, Sarah developed an education package for school counsellors and teachers designed to educate children and adolescents about the importance of sleep and provide tips to improve sleep health.

Launched on World Sleep Day, the education package was immediately downloaded by over 60 schools across Australia and New Zealand.

This is the second consecutive year that Sarah has won this prestigious award, ahead of other World Sleep Day events organised in over 40 countries around the world.

Stroke researcher at Monash wins top award

Dr Michele Callisaya
Stroke research at the School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health has again been recognised by the Stroke Society of Australasia (SSA).

Adjunct senior lecturer with the Stroke and Ageing Research Group Dr Michele Callisaya won the top Investigator Award at the SSA Scientific Meeting earlier this month in Melbourne.

Dr Callisaya’s oral presentation, ‘Subcortical infarcts and the risk of falls: combined results of TASCOG and Sydney MAS’ earned her the prestigious Peter Bladin New Investigator Award.

“We aimed to examine whether tiny strokes occurring deep in the brain, known as small subcortical infarcts, increase the risk of falls in older people,” said Dr Callisaya.

As people age, they tend to have an increasing number of such small subcortical infarcts even without knowing it.  Older people are also at risk of falling and suffering serious injuries but until now, there has been no data on the role of small subcortical infarcts leading to falls.

“Our investigation found there is almost double the risk of falls in older people who have three or more small subcortical infarcts,” said Dr Callisaya.

It is likely that a large burden of such infarcts disrupts the wiring in the brain and leads to impaired balance.”

The study also found that having weak leg muscles and poorer vision amplified this risk.

“Apart from trying to prevent such infarcts from occurring, interventions aimed at strengthening leg muscles and improving vision may offset the risk of falling in older people.”

Dr Callisaya’s award, $1000 and a trip to the UK to present at the British Stroke Society meeting, provides her with an exciting opportunity to present her work internationally and meet others in the field.

“This award is also an important recognition of Associate Professor Velandai Srikanth’s mentoring, the support of others in the Stroke and Ageing Research Group, and interstate collaborators,” added Dr Callisaya.

Dr Callisaya is Associate Professor Srikanth's fourth past student to win this prestigious award.  Previous recipients include Dr Lauren Sanders, Dr Philip Choi, and Dr Chris Moran

Monash Supportive and Palliative Care research recognised

Bethlehem Griffiths Research Foundation
Presentation Ceremony last month
Researchers in the Monash Health Supportive and Palliative Care Unit have been recognised with a prestigious Bethlehem Griffiths Research Foundation research award.

Dr Michael Franco, Dr Leeroy William and Associate Professor Peter Poon are leading the award winning research study into the efficacy of low-dose methadone as an antitussive for patients with malignancy.

“Our study investigates the efficacy of methadone for cancer related cough, which affects 23-37% of all cancer patients and 47-86% of lung malignancies,” said Associate Professor Poon.  

“Cough is a distressing symptom that impacts significantly upon quality of life and the current mainstay of symptomatic treatment is opioid pharmacotherapy.”  

Recent evidence for choice of opioid is limited and much is based on studies of the treatment of tuberculosis patients in the 1950s.  

“Methadone acts upon the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor and recent studies have revealed a prominent and unique role this receptor has in cough,” added Associate Professor Poon. 

Positive outcomes of this study shall form the basis of further collaborative and translational research with the Australian Lung Cancer Trials Research Group.  

Centre of Inflammatory Diseases (CID) Seminar- Tuesday 22nd September: Macrophage migration inhibitory factor regulates IL-1 family cytokine secretion

The next CID Seminar will be held TOMORROW from 12:00-13:00 in the Medicine Seminar Room Located on Level 5, Block E MMC.

Dr Tali Lang will be presenting: "Macrophage migration inhibitory factor regulates IL-1 family cytokine secretion"

Lunch will be provided.  All welcome.

Grand Rounds 23 September: Diabetes

Unit: Diabetes     
Presenter: Prof Helena Teede
Topic:  “Health care improvement – Pragmatic effective interventions that all health professionals can lead”   
Presenter: Dr Georgia Soldatos
Topic:  "Effective health care improvement in inpatient diabetes care at Monash Health”
Date: Wednesday 23 September 2015
Time: 12.30pm to 1.30pm

Venue: Main Lecture Theatre, Monash Medical Centre, Clayton

Hudson Seminar: 24 Sep: “Rebuilding the kidney: from development to regeneration"

This week's (Thurs 24 Sep) Hudson Seminar will be held from 1-2pm, Lecture Theatre 1, Monash Medical Centre. NB. Earlier time than usual.
The speaker will be: Prof Melissa Little - Head, Kidney Research Laboratory, MCRI.

Talk title: “Rebuilding the kidney: from development to regeneration".  Flyer with details attached here.

Light refreshments to follow presentation.

Japan Australia Meeting on Cell Death - WEHI, 21-23 October

Speaking opportunities still available at this international meeting!

The vibe will be lively with many speakers at all levels (lab heads, post-docs & PhDs) and many talks selected from submitted abstracts.
Registration costs have been kept to a minimum and are primarily meant to cover food, drinks and social events. Early registration and abstract submission rates until 21st September. To book now, link here.
We have organised an active social program where the emphasis will be on promoting interactions.  More information here:
This is an international meeting on our doorstep!!

ARC Linkage Projects 2016 now open in RMS

Applications for ARC Linkage Projects 2016 are now open in RMS and close 5pm on Wednesday 11 November.

1.    Please find attached the Funding Rules, and also here, ARC Medical Policy, Instructions to Applicants and Frequently Asked Questions.
2.    Please start your proposal in RMS as soon as possible so we know that you intend to apply.
3.    The MRO intranet page for Linkage Projects ( will be updated shortly with templates to assist you with completing your application and the certification form. In the meantime, please find attached the Partner Organisation support letter template.
4.    Updates will also be sent to the LP mailing list - sign-up here:
5.    Please direct any questions that you have to the ARC Pre-award team at

Linkage Projects closing dates:

LP 2016
          MRO close date
ARC close date
Funding Rules available 10 Sept 2015
Applications open in RMS 16 Sept 2015
Proposal closing date
           21 Oct 2015
5pm 11 Nov 2015
Request Not to Assess
           21 Oct 2015
5pm 28 Oct 2015
Rejoinder Process

June 2016

Opening of 2016 ACGR Applications

Please refer to the message below from the Department of Education and Training, calling for applications for listing schemes on the 2016 Australian Competitive Grants Register (ACGR).

As is the case each year, this is our opportunity to identify funding sources/agencies that are not already included on the ACGR and therefore are not considered Category 1 funding sources.

For reference, the 2015 ACGR can be viewed at:  Schemes included on the 2015 ACGR

Monash is not permitted to register funding schemes to be included on the list but we can identify suitable ones and contact the funders to encourage them to register themselves.
​The main criteria for being listed on the ACGR are:
· Funding is nationally competitive
· Funding is provided for research only
· Funding must be available to universities throughout Australia
· Applications must be assessed by a well-qualified panel
· The scheme must have an annual budget of $1 million or more
If you are aware of any eligible schemes that are not already listed could you please forward those details to Dr Simon Barrett at the Monash Research Office ( by no later than Friday 25 September 2015.  ​Simon will contact those agencies to emphasise the importance to universities that they register.

New call for Pfizer-CTI pre-proposals

CTI, or Pfizer’s Centers for Therapeutic Innovation, is a unique program that partners with leading academic medical centers and foundations nationwide in an effort to speed the translation of novel targets to the clinic.

Pre-Proposal Deadline: October 16, 2015

Advantages to Collaborating with CTI
A partnership with CTI may include collaborative use of Pfizer’s technologies and compound library, publishing rights, and financial awards in the form of milestone and royalty payments for successful programs, in addition to providing appropriate funds for carrying out the collaborative work.

All researchers and clinicians whose work meets the criteria are invited to apply.

Read criteria here and pre-proposal template is here.

MRO Support Available/NOI for NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence 2nd Call in 2015

The NHMRC has provided early advice of a second round of Centres of Research Excellence in 2015 (for funding in 2016). The round is likely to include two additional streams. 

These are:
  • CRE in Infectious Disease Emergency Response Research
  • CRE in Indigenous Researcher Capacity Building
We expect this to be on top of the three traditional CRE streams. For more information about the three traditional streams and the scheme aims and objectives, please see the Funding Rules from last round (only indicative for this round), or contact the Monash Research Office (MRO) Medical and Health Sciences team on

The scheme will open in RGMS 11 November 2015 and close a short 5 weeks later on 16 December 2015.

Grant opportunities from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is inviting applications that address specific challenges defined in the grant programs below. For details and application instructions, please visit the new

1) Grand Challenges Explorations is seeking innovative global health and development solutions and is now accepting proposals for its latest application round. Applicants can be at any experience level; in any discipline; and from any organization, including colleges and universities, government laboratories, research institutions, non-profit organizations, and for-profit companies. Initial grants will be US $100,000 each, and projects showing promise will have the opportunity to receive additional funding of up to US $1 million.

TRF relocation update

This update is provided by Precinct Facility Manager, Steve Bouralexis.

The construction of the MHTP-TRF project has reached the final stage, with building commissioning and defect rectification being the main focus for Lend Lease Building (LLB). 

Witness testing for all building services systems has been ​signed off ​by both design consultants and relevant project representative​s​.

LLB has completed the majority of works under contract and practical completion (PC) was granted on 11 September 2015, representing a major milestone for the project.

Commissioning, fit-out and relocation is now underway and the following activities are scheduled for the next six weeks:
·         Cleaning of the facility – Commencing 17th Sept.
·         Delivery of major Laboratory equipment – Commenced and ongoing.
·         Installation of Workstation and Furniture – Commenced and ongoing.
·         Medical Equipment – To be ordered, staged delivery will commence in November 2015.
·         Information Communication Technology – Server and backbone equipment installation commenced.
·         Certification of Laborator​ies​​ and clean room - Ongoing
·         Fine tuning of the building air conditioning system - Ongoing
·         Building defect rectification – Ongoing
·         Equipment Training – Schedule to start​ in ​ea​rl​y​ October.
·         Site Tours for all stakeholders and TRF occupants - Ongoing. 
Relocation into TRF
Staged occupancy into the TRF ​will​ commence on the 4th November (post Melbourne cup weekend). The relocation into the TRF will be occurring in the following order:
·         The Ritchie Centre to level 5 TRF
·         Platform Technology to level 4 TRF
·         Cancer Theme to level 6 TRF
·         Clinical Trials Centre to level 3 TRF
​Tours for staff not relocating into the TRF
​For all staff that want to have a sticky beak through the newly completed TRF, tours will run every Friday starting 25th September 2015 and continue until relocation of staff is complete (early December). Tours will depart from Lecture Theatre 1 at 10:05am sharp and last for 1hr. No bookings are required, just show up by 10:00am! 

Tours will be guided by either Steve Bouralexis or Eddie Law or both depending on numbers and will showcase the design elements, occupancy and purpose behind the TRF. 

 For more information about any of this information, please contact Steve Bouralexis at

MMCAF social club BBQ Tuesday 22nd Sept

You are invited to the MMCAF social club BBQ on 22 September!

12.30pm - 1.30pm, court yard, outside staff tea room, Level 1 B Block

Sausage in bread: $2   Hamburger: $2.50 (The Lot $5)

Extras: Cheese, Coleslaw, Beetroot, Onion, Pineapple 50c
Soft Drink Cans: $2.00
Chocolates: 50c - $2.00

 Money raised goes towards the Tasmanian Devil Fund & Our Social Club

Come along and grab a burger or a snag and assist us raise funds for MMCAF and the Tasmanian Devil Fund.

Year 3 SCS medical student accepted to study in Sweden in 2016

James Fahey
Congratulations James Fahey, one of only two Monash University medical students accepted to spend semester one next year at the prestigious Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

Currently a year 3 MBBS student at the School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health, James will complete his Women’s and Children’s Health rotations at the Karolinska Institute and will also spend some of his time in Internal medicine.

Karolinska is one of the largest medical universities and is currently ranked 9th best university in the world to study medicine…Well done James on achieving this fabulous post!

Year 3 MBBS Surgical Olympics

Surgical Olympics Team Loebectomy
School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health students displayed their abundant creative talents at the second annual MBBS Surgical Olympics earlier this month.

The competition showcased the best of medical student flair and artistic creativity nurtured by Monash Health’s finest surgical team members.  

Students from Monash Medical Centre, Dandenong Hospital and Casey participated in a morning of activities delivered by MC Mr Mark Cullinan and Judge Mr Paul Cashin.

Overall winner on the day was team Loebectomy, mentored by Mr Liang Low, who only just pipped Miss Kaye Bowers group, The Bower Puff Girls, at the last stage of the games.  

Mr Roger Berry’s team, House of Scaples, shone in an inspired parody of House of Cards, with Roger ‘Kevin Spacey’ Berry delivering one of his finest performances.  

Other winners on the day were Audrey Choy from DDH for her master class in suturing and best team name to Casey’s team, Suren-der or die (led by Mr Suren Jayaweera).

Thanks  to all the students and surgeons who attended this event, and bring on the 2016 challenge!

RU OK Day at SCS

"R U OK?" is an instantly recognisable conversation starter, a segue into taboo-busting chats about mental health, and a way of indicating to colleagues, friends and family that you care about them.

This year SCS marked the day with a combined staff and medical student morning tea between Wednesday lectures in LT1.   

Part of the event was a bake-off by the students, with a prize for the best item.  Students rose to the challenge, providing a delicious selection of cakes and sweets (congratulations to Amy Liu and Anna Hoy for their winning sweet creations).

Professor David Clarke spoke to the students about RUOK? day and the importance of maintaining good mental health throughout training.  Dr Claire Dendle reported some early findings from data gathered in two consecutive student-focussed surveys on work stressors, and Rock Lee, Healthwise gym’s dynamo told his own story of landing in Australia from China, and the role exercise played in his life during a stressful adjustment.

Thank you to everyone who brought in food for the event, and a big thanks to everyone who attended and marked the day. 

Extended abstract deadline for 1st Postdoctoral Method Symposium Melbourne

The deadline for abstract submission and registration for the 1st Postdoctoral Method Symposium (29th of October) is now September 28th.

This is a free event and a great chance to liase and connect with other groups and postdocs!

The link to register and submit an abstract is: 
Abstract guidelines:

- Word length: max. 300 words
- inclusion of explanatory images welcome

Presentation guidelines:

- talks will be 15min including questions (details will be given closer to the event)

Flyer with details here.

ECR Symposium Survey

The 2015 ECR Symposium will be held on Monday 9th November 2015 at the Caulfield campus.  It is aimed at ECRs with an interest in developing and strengthening their research careers, with a particular focus on “Selling Yourself”,
Dr Lisa Curtis-Wendlandt from Mind Your Way, is a key presenter at the ECR Symposium.  She will present a 3 hour workshop “Small Talk and Big Gestures” .  This workshop will provide participants with practical, verbal and nonverbal tools for impactful communication.  This training will equip participants with communication strategies that aid success.

Dr Lisa Curtis-Wendlant is keen to hear from ECRs prior to the event to enable her to tailor her workshop to the current needs of ECRs.  Please, take a few moments to complete this survey.
For each of the following questions, select as many responses as appropriate

Please register for the ECR Symposium at:

Congratulations Gisela Wilcox on the award of Doctor of Medicine

The Monash Institute of Graduate Research is pleased to report that Gisela Wilcox has been awarded the degree of Doctor of Medicine (unsupervised).
Gisela's thesis titled: "Phytochemicals in human health and disease" was ratified by the Graduate Research Steering Committee on  Tuesday 8th September 2015 and will be conferred upon graduation.                                

Sincere thanks to all the academic and professional staff involved in assisting Gisela achieve this wonderful result.  

LAUNCH INVITATION: Monash Mental Health Champions!

Monash University is delighted to bring about Monash Mental Health Champions - a unique leadership opportunity for students to promote mental health at the University. Commencing soon, this initiative will harness the passion, skills, and energy of students from across campuses, to enhance the mental health and well-being of our student community.

Tuesday 6 October, 4.30 - 6pm  Building H, Lecture Theatre H2.35
Monash University, Caulfield campus

The program will have an Official Launch during Mental Health Week (Oct 6th - 4:30 to 6PM - Caulfield Campus) with a panel centered on 'Universities - changing the story of youth mental health,' featuring the following speakers - 
· Professor Ben Canny - President of the Academic Board and Associate Dean (MBBS International)
· Jessica Dean - Current MBBS / LLB Student; former President, Australian Medical Students Association, and Board Director at BeyondBlue.
· Lloyd England - Manager, Student Experience & Teaching Associate, Faculty of Law
· Jonathan Brown - Associate Deputy Director (Residential Support), Monash Residential Services
· Nicola Reavley - NHMRC Career Development Fellow and Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Mental Health, University of Melbourne
· The panel will be moderated by Andrew Marks - Manager of Counselling and Mental Health Programs, and officiated by Vladimir Pripch - Executive Director of the Campus Community Division. 

We hope that this launch will set the scene for an important new frontier in the way the University seeks to support its students, and most pertinently, in the way we meaningfully engage students in this pursuit. Applications are now open for the initiative - so feel free to circulate this link to students!

Please see below for full event details, and RSVP your attendance to by the 1st of October, 2015. And while we're here, do take a moment to engage with our fresh new approach to the upcoming Mental Health Week - a week where we're encouraging everyone to value their mental health...

SAVE THE DATE: SCS PhD Student Symposium, 20 November 2015

Please add the following key event to your calendar.

SCS-MHTP PhD Student Showcase Symposium

Friday 20th November, 2015,
12.30pm - 5pm, 
in Lecture Theatre 1, MMC Clayton, starting with lunch

This event will showcase the best of SCS-MHTP 2nd/3rd year PhD students from different disciplines in 15 minute talks.


Flyer is also attached here.

Postgraduate Publication Awards (PPAs) - Round 3/2015

Applications for PPAs Round 3/2015 close on 30 September 2015.

This quarterly round applies to candidates who will be submitting their thesis between 1 September and 30 November 2015.

The PPA scheme is designed to encourage graduate research students to disseminate their research findings through publication in professional journals or books.  The scheme provides an income equivalent to the APA rate for three months and is aimed at supporting students who, having submitted their thesis, wish to write up some of their research for publication whilst they await the result of their examination.

Graduate research student update

Graduate Research Candidates
Re-enrolment for 2016 opens on Monday 12 October 2015 and closes on Friday 27 November 2015. Late re-enrolment runs from Saturday 28 November 2015 until Friday 11 December 2015.

Preparation for October graduation
The last day to submit final thesis copies for inclusion in the October graduation ceremonies is Friday 25 September. Students aiming to meet this deadline, you need to submit two hardbound thesis copies and upload the e-thesis to the repository along with certification form if applicable.

Graduate Research Supervisors

Graduate Research Supervisor Development and Training
There are several supervision master classes and good practice workshops scheduled in upcoming weeks:

These provide an excellent opportunity for supervisors to enhance their skills and engage with a community of practice. Register using the links above.

Women in Medicine & Science - Career Development Half Day Course

The School of Clinical Sciences is pleased to sponsor the Career Development Course for Women in Medicine & Science, to be held on site. Details below and attached:

Tuesday 13 October, 1pm - 4.30pm
Surgery Seminar Room, Level 5 Block E, Monash Medical Centre Clayton

Course details: see attached information, materials provided
Number of participants: Maximum - 16

Cost: Free to SCS staff only (staff employed under Hudson will need to seek payment from their respective Institute/Centre head @ ~ $180 each)

If you wish to attend, please email Jin Graham (
jinleng.graham@monash.eduby 25 September (first come first serve basis).

Women in Medicine and Science committee meeting minutes

Please find attached here the minutes taken from the recent Women in Medicine and Science committee meeting.

Women in Science Research website

A new initiative, The Women in the Science Research Workforce Toolkit Web Site has recently been launched.  It is designed to provide tools for Senior Leaders, Team Leaders and Lab Heads to address the gendered patterns of success in science.  

Casual English Programs Facilitators (Multiple Positions)

Opportunities exist for current Monash students with at least one year of completed study, preferably with a distinction average, to deliver a variety of co-curricular English language support programs aimed at developing and providing students with English language skills addressing a range of needs, from academic to social. You will be responsible for individual or group consultation with students in a semi-structured way, to include academic and conversational English.

To be successful in these roles, along with being a current Monash student you will possess excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, strong interpersonal and problem solving skills and have the ability to work as an effective member of a team.

More information is here.  Applications close 4 October.

HEW 6 Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) Coordinator - Call for Expressions of Interest

A pilot program to trial the use of the electronic lab notebook (ELN), LabArchives, has been undertaken in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences (FMNHS) in 2015.

The Faculty is now seeking to appoint a full-time casual HEW 6 ELN Coordinator for a period of 12 months in the first instance. The role of the ELN Coordinator is to lead and facilitate the adoption of LabArchives during the wider roll-out within the FMNHS during 2016. The Faculty expects that all new PhD students and their research supervisors adopt the use of LabArchives as a recording system of meeting notes, research data and other relevant material. Please refer to the attached Position Description (PD) for further information.

We are seeking ​a ​highly motivated individual who thrives on attention to detail, engaging with academic and professional staff, and has a passion for delivering great service.

Expressions of Interest, comprising a one page document addressing the key selection criteria and a copy of your current CV, should be submitted by email to by Friday 25 September, 2015.

All queries should be directed to or ​(03) ​990 51575.

Zoom video conferencing software now available to Monash University staff

Zoom makes video conferencing and collaboration simple and straightforward, from the office, home or remotely. Whether you need to collaborate with multiple Monash colleagues or external partners, Zoom can bring everyone together via a simple calendar invitation.

The solution offers good video, audio and screen-sharing quality across Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, high-end conferencing room systems and telephone.

Who will benefit from using Zoom?
Monash staff with a need to communicate and collaborate with multiple parties, both internal and external. This collaboration can be audio only or audio and video along with desktop and information sharing abilities.

How do I register?  To log in, go to:

All Monash staff can log in with their Monash email address and password as a "basic" user.

More information here:

MOLECULAR BIOLOGY TECHNIQUES An introductory course in recombinant DNA technology

Do you need basic Molecular Biology skills?

Micromon, in the School of Biomedical Sciences, is now seeking enquiries and applications for its next annual short course in Molecular Biology techniques that will provide comprehensive training in the basic and essential skills.  It is designed to teach the skills to participants who have had minimal experience, as well as being an ideal workshop for those who would like to consolidate their current, basic-intermediate level.  It has been designed to cater for Research and Clinical Professionals, Academics, Medical and Science Graduates, Science Teachers, Laboratory staff and Postgraduates.

Date: Sunday 29 November to Friday 4 December 2015
Venue: Monash University, Clayton Campus
Cost: $1900 ex-GST, 20% discount for postgraduate students
More information and to register -   and see flyer with details here.

Or contact Mark Cauchi on 03 9905 4830

LAST CHANCE - Flow Cytometry User Feedback

All users of the Flow Cytometry facility are invited to participate in a survey as we seek feedback to improve the facility and ensure that it meets the needs of end-users. Your feedback is critical in order to ddress the issues and improve the facility! The survey consists of four separate modules, with the links shown below. It is anticipate that the complete survey (all four modules) will take less than 10 minutes to complete. Thank you for your feedback.
Survey 1: General Feedback

Survey 2: Instruments - Analysers

Survey 3: Instruments - Sorters

Survey 4: Training and Usage