Monday, 13 March 2017

ALL researchers: please update your PURE profile

With the transition to myResearch the collection of Monash Health research outputs is now managed by the Research Outputs Collection Service (ROCS).

What you need to do
·        Check your researcher profile in myResearch / Pure and let the ROCS team know of any missing / incorrect research outputs. 
·        Import / reject research outputs: You will receive an email notification when a research output is available to be imported, and this will also appear in your “My personal tasks” area in Pure. Please see attached instructions on how to claim research outputs. When an output has been entered into Pure, it requires validation by the ROCS team before it will appear on your researcher profile.
·        For the most accurate collection of research outputs, use an ORCID and link this to BOTH your Scopus profile and your Pure profile. 
·        Under the automated search option in your Pure profile, be sure to add name variants - especially your initial plus surname. (e.g. A Graudins) 
·        Respond to periodic email call-outs by ROCS for collection of additional research outputs not indexed in Scopus. 
·        Your researcher profile on the external Monash webpage is the first point of engagement for potential students and collaborators, and may be viewed by grant reviewers. 
·        Accurate collection of research outputs is important for the ARC Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) initiative. 
·        You can use Pure to generate an up-to-date CV that includes all of your research outputs.
Need help? 

If you have any queries, please contact Pete Nichols ext 59292 or

The ROCS team are able to assist with:
·        Search of the Scopus database to identify research outputs by Monash Health researchers.
·        Import of research outputs on behalf of researchers.
·        Manually creating research output records in Pure for those outputs not picked up in the Scopus database.
·        Ensuring the research output record in Pure is complete so that the information appearing on researcher profiles is accurate.
·        Adding Field of Research (FoR) codes.

For further details on the collection and management of research outputs in Pure, please visit the myResearch website:  or read HERE.

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