Monday, 13 March 2017

Sperm donations needed for our clinical embryology students

It is that time of the year again that our clinical embryology students are doing important training in semen analysis and we need you (or your partners) to help us out, if at all possible!  

The practicals are held on, Wednesday 22nd March Thurs 23rd March and Friday 24th March, so if you can help us with a sperm donation on any of those days that would be great.  If you would like to donate, but can't make those days, there will be other times where a sample can be utilised for training.

This year we are streamlining the process with a google form, so click on the link to show your interest and availability HERE:

If you want further info before completing the form, you can contact Sally Catt or 0416821654 or wk  99024818.   

We can deliver a coded pot (or 2) for you to take home, and will give more specific instructions then.  As we are on the 5th floor at Monash Medical Centre, we can collect from TRF, E block, Hudson building, (your office, whatever). 
For those on site, we do have access to an official semen collection room on the 3rd floor E Block.  If using this facility, there is a secretary or nurse available, and she can hand out appropriate DVDs and magazines, if required (yes there’s a comfy sofa and a tv!). The pot can be left in the room or returned to our office. You just need to indicate to the staff there whether you have left it or not.
Rewards? You will, if you request it on the form, get a written assessment of the sperm prep. Also, select on the form a reward that would suit you (chocolate, wine, beer, money are all options) 

Thank you for your help!!

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