Monday, 13 March 2017

PhD confirmation, Manjeet Sandhu, "A prospective study to assess the role of IL-38 in Inflammatory Bowel Disease patients", 16 March

All staff and students are invited to Manjeet Sandhu's PhD confirmation

16th March 2017, 2,30pm-4.30pm. Hudson Institute Level 3 Bridge rooms 1a 1b

 Synopsis:  Inflammatory Bowel Disease is a chronic inflammatory condition with a severe impact on quality of life for which there is no treatment other than non-specific immunosuppression with glucocorticoids and biologic therapies that themselves have multiple adverse effects on the patient. Emerging evidence from our laboratory suggests that IL-38 may prove to be an effective anti-inflammatory agent in IBD. In order to assess its therapeutic prospects, my PhD aims to characterise the abundance of IL-38 in peripheral blood and the intestine of patients with IBD. We further aim to validate the impact of IL-38 in mouse models of IBD    

SupervisorsDr Gregory Moore (main), A/Prof Marcel Nold, Dr Claudia Nold, Dr Ina Rudloff

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