Monday, 13 March 2017

PhD milestone review, Sushena Krishnaswamy, "Implementing antenatal pertussis vaccination: has it been well adopted, and how can we improve uptake?" 31 March

All staff and students are invited to Sushena Krishnaswamy's PhD milestone review.

1-2pm, Friday 31 March, Monash Infectious Diseases Seminar, Pathology Conference Room, Level 3, Monash Medical Centre

Synopsis: Antenatal vaccination is the most effective strategy to decrease pertussis infections in the most vulnerable population, infants less than 3 months of age. My PhD examines various aspects of implementing antenatal vaccination programs- from attitudes and knowledge of consumers and antenatal care providers, to service delivery models, to feasibility of real time adverse event surveillance.  This presentation will predominantly cover a sub-study, the uptake of vaccination by the mother and other significant contacts of newborns.

Supervisor name: A/Prof Michelle Giles, Prof Euan Wallace, A/Prof Jim Buttery

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