Monday, 13 March 2017

PhD mid-candidature review seminar Ella Ottrey, "Meal realities - Exploring mealtime complexity on the subacute hospital ward", 28 March

All staff and students are invited to Ella Ottrey's progress / mid-candidature review seminar.

Tuesday 28 March, 1.30pm, Tamarillo Room, Level 1, BASE Facility, Notting Hill

Presentation Title: Meal realities - Exploring mealtime complexity on the subacute hospital ward

Synopsis: Inadequate food intake is a complex and challenging issue in the hospital setting. A variety of interventions have been implemented to address this problem with little success to date. In order to more effectively address inadequate food intake, a better understanding of hospital mealtimes and the context to which these interventions are being applied is needed. This research aims to explore and understand patterns of mealtime culture, environment and social practice from the perspective of staff, volunteers and visitors on the subacute hospital ward.

Supervisors: A/Prof Claire Palermo, Dr Kate Huggins, Associate Professor Judi Porter

Panel chair: Dr Ricardo Costa

Independent assessors: Prof Lisa McKenna, A/Prof Karen Walton

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