Monday, 12 June 2017

myPlan performance development

All staff are encouraged to log in to myPlan, our new and improved performance development system, to set your goals and objectives for the year ahead.
Collaboration is vital for success and achieving excellence at Monash. myPlan facilitates regular conversations and an opportunity to receive important feedback on your achievements. Monash’s commitment to performance development is guided by the principles of growth, feedback and accountability.

Please complete your myPlan goals as soon as possible.

Performance development supports all facets of our work at Monash; ongoing learning and continuous improvement drive innovation and increased work satisfaction. All professional and academic staff from HEW Levels 1 to 10 should complete a performance plan.

You can access myPlan through the portal by clicking on the myPlan link located on the HR, OHS and employment tile.

Before completing your review please visit the Performance Development at Monash page for getting started user guides, quick reference resources, performance development at a glance, and details about Monash’s Strategic Planning Framework.

Support is available:

If you have any questions, please email or call Access HR on 9902 0400.

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