Monday, 12 June 2017

CiiiD Tuesday seminar Dr Le Son Tran,13 June

This week's CiiiD seminar will feature Dr Le Son Tran, a post-doctoral researcher in Associate Professor Richard Ferrero's Gastrointestinal Infection and Inflammation Research Group.

The title of Son's talk will be NOD1 sensing of Helicobacter pylori infection drives mucosal cytokine production and gastric homeostasis.

1-2pm, Tuesday 13 June
Seminar Room 1, Level 2, TRF
Chair: Mr James Ong

Seminars for the Centre for Inflammatory Diseases are held from 12-1pm in the same room. The CID seminar schedule can be found here:  

Please also note that CiiiD will host two special seminars this week, as follows:

Dr Kate Lawlor, Wednesday 14 June.

Kate will be presenting a seminar at 10.00am in our Level 2 meeting room.  The title of her talk is: Emerging roles for cell death in inflammation.

Dr Ueli Nachbur, Friday 16 June.

Ueli will be presenting a seminar at 12.00pm in Seminar Room 1, TRF.  The title of his talk is: How to target NOD signalling in inflammatory diseases.

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