Monday, 12 June 2017

MCHRI Biostatistical Education Series, "Improving data presentation: Tips on visually/graphically displaying results", 13 June

Dr StellaMay Gwini
1-2pm, 13 June, Seminar Room 3, TRF building

Presented by Dr StellaMay Gwini, Biostatistician, Monash University

The seminar will provide some tips on creating good charts including an introduction to Stata Graphics. We will also look at advanced graphs which are useful for exploring or presenting (i) relationships between two or more outcomes or (ii) variation in outcomes overtime. Examples of graphs to be covered include scatter plots with fitted lines, spaghetti plots, heat maps, funnel plots and CUSUM charts.  
StellaMay is a research fellow with the faculty biostatistics platform. Her expertise is in biostatistics and research design. She has worked on multiple projects within the School of Clinical Science and the Faculty of Medicine at large, assisting researchers in research design (e.g. clinical trials, surveys, cohort studies and case-control studies). StellaMay’s major research interests are in the appropriate and efficient use of data analysis tools; use of administrative data to improve health services; general health services research; and post-marketing surveillance of medical drugs & technologies.

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