Monday, 16 May 2016

Queer Mentoring Program

The Queer Mentoring Program ( at Monash University is an employability-focused mentoring program for Monash LGBTIQ+ to support their career development and help them prepare to enter the workforce.

As a mentor you can contribute to a student’s career future, provide insight to navigating sexuality and gender identity at work and support them in career planning and decision making.

As the Faculties LGBTIQ+ ally, I am particularly encouraging applications from individuals who are medical or allied health practitioners who would like to offer a mentoring partnership to medical or allied health LGBTIQ+ students in our Faculty.

Mentors must openly and comfortably identify as LGBTIQ+ and have at least five years professional experience in clinical medicine or allied health.

The mentoring partnership would typically run over 6 months with a one hour meeting each month.

If this sounds like something that suits you, please go to for more information and to complete the online form.

If you have any questions about this Program or any aspect of the LGBTIQ+ Ally network at Monash, please don't ever hesitate to contact Professor Brian Cooke (
brian.cooke@monash.eduor any other member of the network (

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