Monday, 16 May 2016

Monash medical student brings home silver

SCS medical student Alanna Rottler and
the Australian Cheerleading team at
the World Championships
Third year School of Clinical Sciences’ medical student Alanna Rottler has brought home a silver medal in the recent World Cheerleading championships in Orlando, Florida.

A relative newcomer to the sport, Alanna starting cheerleading two years ago and has helped the Australian team achieve their best result ever.

“This is the first time that an Australian team has broken inside the top 5, let alone break into the top 2 teams in the world in any division of All Star Cheerleading,” said Alanna.

“This silver medal is huge—not just for our team but also for Australian Cheerleading.”

A gymnast for 12 years, Alanna retired from gymnastics in her final year of high school to concentrate on studies.  

“When I started my medical degree at Monash University, I joined the university cheerleading team before moving to All-Star Cheerleading, the division in which I now compete.”

The World Championships was Alanna’s first international competition.

Alanna said she loves the challenges that cheerleading presents.

“You have to trust your team mates’ abilities as well as your own, and find that last inch of energy at the end of a gruelling routine,” said Alanna.

“And you also have to overcome the mental barrier; some of our manoeuvrers are seriously scary and fear is a constant barrier but the best part of cheerleading by far is the feeling of flying.”

Alanna and her team train upwards of 10 hours a week.  She is very excited to see what happens next for her team and for Australian cheerleading.

Watch Alanna’s terrifying and award winning performance in the US here.

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