Monday, 7 August 2017

MRO ANNOUNCEMENT - Process Change for All Upcoming ARC Applications

MRO has advised the following process change with regard to ALL current and upcoming ARC schemes (i.e. LP17, FT17, DP19, DE19, etc):

Pure is the trigger for MRO Compliance Checks
​From ​August 2017, submission of a Pure Application record to 'Pre-Approval' in Pure will be the trigger for MRO to complete Compliance Checks on proposals, not the submission of the proposal in RMS to the 'Research Office'.  It is not necessary to submit the Proposal in RMS to the Research Office.

Modification for External Applicants
For external applicants, who don’t have access to Pure: applicants should be instructed to email (and cc the Faculty Research Office when their proposal is ready for an MRO Compliance Check. If their supervisor/sponsor (or Faculty Research ​Office​) has not yet created the Pure Application record, MRO will contact them to do so.

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