Monday, 7 August 2017

CiiiD's seminar, 8 August

CiiiD's Tuesday seminar this week, 8 August, will feature Dr Saleela Ruwanpura and Dr Virginie Deswaerte, both post-doctoral researchers from CiiiD's Cancer and Immune Signalling Lab, headed by Prof Brendan Jenkins.

Saleela's presentation is titled 'Novel role of AIM2 inflammasome in the molecular pathogenesis of emphysema'. 

Virginie's presentation is titled 'Role for the DNA sensor AIM2 in gastric cancer'.

1-2pm, Tuesday 8 August
Seminar Room 1, Level 2, TRF
Chair: Stephanie Huang

At 12pm in Seminar Room 1, Level 2, TRF, CID will hold a Special Seminar by A/Prof Craig Jenne, titled 'Imaging Infection, Inflammation, and Coagulation'.

A/Prof Craig Jenne is: Canada Research Chair in Imaging Approaches Towards Studying Infection; Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology, Immunology & Infectious Diseases (MIID); Department of Critical Care Medicine; Director, Snyder Translational Lab in Critical Care Medicine Please contact for more information and to schedule a meeting with Craig.

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