Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Safety alert at MMC

Last week a staff member was robbed while walking along Wright Street to the carpark.  The incident took place at 4pm.

What do I need to look for?
·         Staff who walk in streets immediately surrounding MMC should be aware of their surroundings and be alert for suspicious people or vehicles in the area.
·         Where staff are concerned about a suspicious person or vehicle they should contact the Police directly on 000.

What about safety?

We take this opportunity to provide some personal safety strategies
·         Be alert for suspicious people or vehicles as you walk in the streets
·         Avoid talking on your mobile phone whilst in public
·         Avoid providing personal information to strangers
·         Always walk confidently and with purpose
·         Walk in groups where possible
·         Carry your car keys in your hand for quick access to your vehicle, without fumbling in your bag.
·         Use the Monash Health Shuttle bus to travel between MMC and the Browns Road South staff car park from outside E Block between 3:10pm and 7:55pm and 6:25am – 9:15am weekdays.
·         In an Emergency contact the Police directly (telephone 000)
·         Contact MMC Security (959 42139) at any time if you require assistance on Monash Health Properties
·         Remove Employee identification when you leave your workplace (eg: name badge, ID/Access card)
There are also strategies to consider inside our workplace
·         Be alert for suspicious people in the workplace
·         Secure personal belongings at all times
·         Avoid leaving money or valuables unattended
·         Avoid giving personal details or business information to strangers
·         Report any suspicious persons or incidents to MMC Security (959 42139)

How do I get more information or report a concern?

·         For Emergency assistance outside Monash Medical Centre please contact the Police on emergency number 000.
·         For assistance within Monash Medical Centre grounds please contact MMC Security on 959 42139.
·         For Emergency assistance within Monash Medical Centre or Monash Children’s Hospital please call the internal emergency number 999 and state your emergency.

For general enquiries regarding Monash medical Centre or Monash Children’s Hospital please contact Site Management
·         Telephone:         959 44727      

·         Email:                 MMCSiteManagement@monashhealth.org

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