Monday, 22 May 2017

MMC/MCH Site Alert: Parking Infringement Notices

What is happening?
·         Parking Infringement Notices are being issued for non-compliant parking within the Monash Health Clayton Campus (including Monash Medical Centre, the new Monash Children’s Hospital and the Monash Health Translation Precinct)
·         The Parking Infringement Notices (PINs) are legal documents that carry the full weight of prescribed monetary fines.
·         The PINs are being managed by an external organisation specialising in their processing and follow-up.
·         Parking prohibition signage has been thoroughly reviewed with additional and revised signage installed to support the PIN process and provide additional clarity for our staff and visitors.

Why are PINs being issued?
·         There has been a significant increase in non-compliant parking in the public and staff parking areas, as well as service roads and access points.
·         Non-compliant parking is impacting access for patient transport and other vehicles, causing frustration and difficulties for patients, visitors and fellow staff.
How will the PINs impact me?
·         Staff who park in a compliant manner, inside marked parking bays and in compliance with parking signage, will not be impacted by a PIN.
·         Staff who do not comply with parking signage will be at risk of receiving a Parking Infringement Notice and the Victorian prescribed monetary fine.

What about safety?
·         The Issue of PINs will assist in our service and access roadways being kept clear for traffic flow around the campus and inside our car parking areas.
·         Clear visibility and the ability to easily drive around our campus and car parks will make for a safe campus for patients and staff.
How do I get more information?
Please contact Site Management for more information
·         Extension:           44727      
·         Email:       

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