Monday, 28 November 2016

Lab Manager

Cartherics is seeking a Laboratory Manager as a key position in its very active research and development program. The successful applicant will have an intense desire to succeed in a competitive environment and relish the challenge of helping to identify and implement new technologies and equipment; the rewards will be substantial.
The successful applicant will report directly to the Chief Scientific Officer of Cartherics.

The successful applicant will have extensive experience in the stem cell and immunology-based research environment. In particular, they will:

(i)                 have hands-on skills at the laboratory bench level including handling of human and animal tissues, so they he/she can better appreciate the researchers needs, and be able to participate in experimental procedures where possible. These will also ensure smooth running of the laboratory environment;
(ii)               have a strong background in understanding the equipment and technologies required for cutting edge immunology (especially cell based and cytokines) and stem cell research and interfacing with relevant suppliers;
(iii)             provide informed and expert advice in relation to experimental planning and technologies available as relevant;
(iv)              have experience in resourcing, evaluating, ordering, implementing and maintaining a broad range of laboratory reagents and equipment experience in ethics, OHS and other regulations relevant to medical research;
(v)                ensure PC2 guideline adherence, waste management and safety;
(vi)              understand the requirements and confidentialities for corporate funded research;
(vii)            be able to liaise with a broad range of personnel from students to senior researchers and upper level corporate Management;
(viii)          have direct supervisory responsibility for more junior technical staff members in the scientific area; 
(ix)              have organisational skills required for data management, meetings and documentation of standard operating procedures;
(x)                will have proficiency in a wide range of IT hardware and software packages and skills in electronic lab data book systems and general computer management
(xi)              will facilitate researchers and staff to access relevant systems and training opportunities.

Anticipated Salary Level - Base: Lab Manager – expected salary $87, 581 (Range $80,000-120,000) plus superannuation and other statutory benefits.

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