Monday, 28 November 2016

SCS Social Club Christmas lunch, this Friday 2 December at 12.30pm

The SCS Social Club Christmas lunch is happening this Friday, 2nd December in the Surgery Seminar room on the 5th Floor of E Block.  Everyone is welcome.

The plans for this year have set a new benchmark in yummy, and the lunch will be catered for us by a company that specialises in spit roasting meats.   You'll dine on tender beef topside, and rolled pork with crunchy crackling, sides of roasted potatoes,  3 varieties of salad and all the Christmassy accompaniments, soft drinks and wine.

The Social Club are kindly subsiding the cost of this lunch, however we would appreciate a payment of $8.00 to cover the extra cost of the catering.

We  would also love some extra mains and deserts on the day, and for staff bringing dishes there is a list in the 5th Floor tea room, so please write what you intend to bring (& the $8.00 charge will be waived for those bringing in a plate).
Nicola (in SCS admin offices) is collecting for the lunch, so please drop your money in before Friday, or you may be able to catch her as she goes around offices on Wed and Thurs this week.

Let Christmas begin at SCS!

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