Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Monash Histology MHTP update

The MHP-MHTP Histology Node officially opened last week in our new (temporary) location on Level 3 of the MHRP (Rooms 3.23 & 3.24). For users who were unable to attend our Introductory Seminar, we would like to let you know of some important updates.
The new Histology site is available for both Professional Services and DIY, with designated areas and equipment in each space.
DIY users can now use new ergonomic benches for added comfort and safety when using the embeddor,  3 microtomy work stations, cryostat, staining area and new Vibratome.
Our range of Professional services have also been expanded to include access to Immunohistochemistry (chromogenic & fluorescence), antigen retrieval, digital slide scanning (brightfield & fluorescence), Tissue Micro Array production and resin & EM processing, sectioning and staining.
All samples need to please be delivered directly to the MHTP Histology Node on Level 3 of the MHRP with drop off sites in Hudson stores and MMC B Block no longer operational.
To ensure safety, there is a need for users to please register using ARIN and be briefly inducted to access BOTH the Professional Services and/or DIY equipment. Please note that registration fees DO NOT currently apply as they are fully subsidised by your respective Institutes. Professional and DIY services may also be subsidised and will shortly be confirmed. For current LIST prices refer to platforms.monash.edu/histology
Please refer to the flyer attached for further instructions regarding registration and access . Training sessions can be booked with our staff if required.
We understand that it is an extremely busy time of year for researchers and for those that were unable to attend, our Introductory Seminar we will be holding another session early April, date to be advised later this month.

We look forward to supporting you with any Histology requirements, either DIY or Professional and staff will be on site full time to answer any questions, discuss projects or provide advice to support your research. We hope you will take the opportunity to meet our Histology node Supervisor here at MHP-MHTP Histology - Angela Vais.  Angela has very long and varied experience in all aspects of histology spanning 16 years and will be available to provide advice as requested on staining protocols etc.

Please feel free to contact Angela Vais or Camilla Cohen should you have any further queries.

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