Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Don't forget to register for ImmuMon2019

ImmuMon2019 is here! The inaugural Annual Monash Immunology EMCR Symposium.

Monash Immunology extends over four locations including Alfred Health, Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, Monash Health and Hudson Institute of Medical Research, which together form a formidable Immunology powerhouse within Melbourne. ImmuMon2019 has been designed to bring together the Immunology-focused EMCRs across these establishments with the aim of improving collaborations and visibility of research specialities between the sites.

ImmuMon2019 is an annual symposium, this year to be held at Alfred Health. The symposium will include short talks from EMCRs - with the aim of fostering collaboration between campuses - a lunch time poster session, and a panel discussion with senior representatives from each of the four establishments where they will discuss the research focus and objectives of their respective groups. The audience will also have the opportunity, and are encouraged, to ask questions.

This year's keynote speaker will be Professor Colby Zaph, which alone should draw a crowd!

ImmuMon2019 was initially supported and fostered by David Tarlinton, Jamie Rossjohn, Richard Kitchin, Eric Morand, Liz Hartland and Ashley Mansell and has been greatly welcomed by lab heads across the campuses.

We invite all EMCRs (Phd students and Postdocs) and lab heads to visit the website or refer to the flyer for further information on the event, event registration (free) and abstract submissions.

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