Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Monash research investigating lupus in Indigenous Australians

Dr Fabien Vincent

School of Clinical Sciences’ researcher Dr Fabien Vincent is the recipient of the Rebecca L. Cooper Medical Research Foundation Project Grant, enabling vital research into lupus.

A Research Fellow in the Rheumatology Research Group, Dr Vincent is the lead investigator on the study that aims to identify molecular signatures in Indigenous Australians with systemic lupus erythematosus (lupus).

Lupus is an incurable and severe chronic systemic illness, and for unknown reasons, is two to four times more frequent and severe in Indigenous Australians compared with other Australians.

Dr Vincent said the diagnostic label of lupus comprises different groups of patients, who can potentially be characterised by the measurement of singular markers in their blood.

“However, the biological profile of Indigenous Australians with lupus is unknown, limiting their access to emerging targeted treatments,” Dr Vincent said.

“Identifying blood signatures in Indigenous Australians with lupus will increase our understanding of the disease at the molecular level, ultimately affecting the management of the disease.”

“Our ultimate goal is to help developing personalised and targeted therapies to improve the health status of Indigenous Australians, to help to close the health gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian lupus sufferers, as well as better understanding of lupus pathogenesis per se,” Dr Vincent said.

The Rheumatology Research Group is led by Professor Eric Morand, an internationally recognised expert in lupus.

See more information about Lupus at The Conversation.

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