Monday, 11 September 2017

Pilot Program to Trial Blind Peer Reviews for Grant Applications

(For applications previously assessed as NFFC with the intention of re-submitting in early 2018 or new applications to be submitted early 2018)

NHMRC review panels have diverse expertise and are unlikely to know your area better than you do. Therefore, it is essential that your project is appealing and shown to be feasible beyond your immediate peers.

It is also essential that you do not wait until current results are known before preparing for the next round.

As such, the Monash Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences (MICCN), the Hudson Institute, and SCS are offering blind peer review matching for draft NHMRC Project Grant applications this October. This is a pilot program that does not clash with the existing SCS-Hudson grant review scheme that runs in NOV-DEC each year.

To receive a peer-review, your draft of a previously unsuccessful application (including, at minimum, a draft of your nine-page research proposal and one-page team quality and capability statement) will be due on Monday 9th October 2017, with anonymous review comments due back to you by Monday 27th October 2017.

To assist with our planning, we are now calling for Applicants as well as Reviewers, to register their interest with the SCS School Manager by COB Monday 18th September.

(1) To participate as an Applicant, please advise the SCS School Manager ( of your project title.

· Please also nominate an indicative panel to review your project, including but not restricted to, the following disciplines (if there is sufficient interest, new discipline groups for review can be created):

-       Psychiatry
-       Psychology
-       Mental Health
-       Paediatrics/Reproduction
-       Developmental Imaging
-       Sleep
-       Neuroscience

Please also confirm:
· Your agreement to review the exchange grants, up to one for each application you submit to the external reviewer for review
· Notice of any restrictions on your availability in October, which we will endeavour to work around.

(2) To participate only as a Reviewer, please provide an indication to the SCS School Manager ( of the panel/s in which you would be prepared to participate.
· Please also confirm if you have any restrictions on your availability in October.

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