Monday, 10 April 2017

Safety At Work - site alert

Our security team has recently responded to two incidents of suspicious or concerning behaviour around the perimeter of our Clayton site.

We are committed to your safety at work and request that you are always vigilant about your personal safety, and continue to report any suspicious activity observed on or near our Clayton site to security.

To help us keep you safe at work, please:

  • Ensure you are always aware of the people around you and your surroundings.
  • Consider leaving work (e.g. walking to the train station or your car) with other Monash Health employees, particularly out of daylight hours.
  • Always ensure your valuables are secured.
  • Add our security contact number (9594 2139) to your mobile phone.
  • Always report suspicious or concerning behaviour to security on 9594 2139.
  • Please share this communication with all team members who work at Clayton including those travelling from other sites.

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