Monday, 6 February 2017

MS Research Australia - Online Grant Submission Portal

MS Research Australia has started to launch their online grant ​submission ​portal.The grant portal is hosted by Fluid ​Review ​and  tailored for MS Research Australia.

Existing FluidReview users​ in FMNHS will need to set up a new user ID and password specific to the lodgement of any grants to MS Research Australia.


MS Research Australia is delighted to announce that all 2017 grant applications should now be lodged through the online grant portal

The portal is only live for incubators at this point. Other application types are being uploaded progressively. Please refer to for availability timing status.

The grant lodgement system is similar to RGMS.
A​ high level summary:
  • Stage 1:  ​Chief Investigator (CI)  sets up an account which is user  ID​ and password unique to MS Research Australia​.​
  • Stage 2:  Grant O​ffice/r sets up an account which must occur prior to Stage 7 but is not a pre​-​requisite for Stage 3.
  • Stage 3:  CI enters their contact details and simple project details.
​A​n application number will be ​generated at this stage​.
  • Stage 4:  CI enters co-applicant details​.​
  • Stage 5:  CI uploads the research plan as a PDF.​
  • Stage 6​:​  CI uploads CV details​.​
  • Stage 7: CI  ​adds their ​Grant ​Of​fice to the application as a (recommended) member 
 (refer to attached document HERE for required MRO contact details)​.
  • Stage 8: ​​CI enters Grant Officer ​contact details for approval​.
  • Stage ​9​:  CI adds Grant Office as a read only member to the application. This sends through an email to the Grant Office alerting them to the presence of the application for review - pre-approval.
  • Stage 10: ​Grant Officer approves. An electronic copy of the application is available at this stage.​
  • Stage​11​: CI submits application​. An electronic copy of the application is available at this stage.​

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