Monday, 20 February 2017

Healthy volunteers needed for blood donations

We are looking for healthy volunteers to donate blood for an ongoing project. We usually take between 10 - 60mL of blood. Your blood will be used in in vitro assays testing recombinant proteins or in flow cytometry to look for certain protein markers. We do not keep any DNA or perform any sort of cloning. 
ALL results will be confidential under Hudson/Monash University agreement. 

Below is a list of requirements in order to qualify:
- be 'healthy/well' (if you have a cold or cough, you will not qualify)
- you must NOT have any underlying medical condition
- you have NOT taken any paracetamol or anti-inflammatory medications (panadol, neurofen, antihistamine such as hayfever sprays/tablets etc) 24-48 hours prior to donating 
- you must NOT be on any medications (the pill, vitamins and supplements are all ok)

We will generally email or text you 24 to 48hours before hand to let you know the time and date. 
We are located on Level 1 of the Hudson Building (office and labs right near Stores)

PLEASE NOTE: You are volunteering your time and blood and therefore you always have the option of saying 'No' if we contact you and you are unavailable or don't feel like it or for whatever reason. 

If you would like to donate or have any questions, please email your name, email address and mobile number to

All donors will receive a coffee voucher to be used at Nesso as a thank you

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