Monday, 14 November 2016

Reporting Injuries and Hazards

Monash University needs to know if you are injured in the workplace or on-site; which includes the Hudson Institute or at Monash Health.

What Do I Report?
Any work-related injury, whether it is a cut on your hand that requires first aid, or a serious injury for which you need medical treatment, they all need to be reported! Allegations of staff being subjected to unacceptable behaviour is also considered an OHS incident that should be reported.
The University also requires us to report hazards and near-misses. Does something look dangerous? Is someone doing something that may be unsafe? Has something changed that may be cause greater risk to you or your colleagues? Was someone nearly injured? Anything that may pose a risk to a person’s health or safety or to the environment, then we need to hear about all of these.

Your Responsibilities
It is very important that you understand your responsibilities to report incidents and hazards.
Employees, students, visitors and contractors: If you are injured at work, or nearby, you must report it in the University Safety And Risk Analysis Hub (S.A.R.A.H.) within 24 hours. This online reporting tool provides staff and students with a user-friendly way to report OHS-related hazards, incidents, and near-misses so that they are investigated and recorded in accordance with Victorian OHS legislation.
Supervisors: If your employee or student is injured, but is unable to report it immediately, you must do so instead.

How Do I Report An Incident?
Incidents are reported on-line via SARAH, which is available on the University OHS webpage:
If you need any help, please speak to your supervisor, your Safety Officer or your HSR.

For more information, please contact Dr Clare Westhorpe (
With thanks, from the SCS OHS team. Stay safe!

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