Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Monash goes from MBBS to BMedSc/MD in 2017

The Bachelor of Medical Science (BMedSc) and Doctor of Medicine (MD) will replace the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (Honours) MBBS program as of 2017 entry. The Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine (MD) is an internationally-recognised, higher level qualification.

Deputy Dean of the MD program Professor Michelle Leech explained that: ‘The new program will be focussed as before on preparing graduates for medical practice with a strong focus on Patient Safety as well as enhanced research and professional practice skills to equip Monash Graduates to improve the health of our communities locally and globally.”

The Monash MD has been accepted as a minor change by the Australian Medical Council. Students who commence the MD will undertake a Scholarly Intensive Project in the final year of the course. Medical students will undertake traditional research activities as well having the opportunity to increase learning opportunities around clinical and professional practice.  The existing excellent Monash final year Patient Safety (Intern Preparation unit) will be further enhanced with extended learning outcomes. An intensified research methods learning kit will be embedded in our theme 2 (Population Health and Society) theme, which is already well recognised for educational leadership in evidence-based practice of medicine.

Monash will continue to offer the 5-year Direct Entry program, as well as the 4-year Graduate Entry program, with the same number of places available in both courses.

The entry and selection requirements for both programs will also remain unchanged.  Please check the Monash School of Medicine website for the most current information and selection dates.

The program has been accredited by the Australian Medical Association (AMC). For further information please contact future@monash.edu.

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