Monday, 19 October 2015

SCS Nutrition and Dietetics researcher and senior lecturer receives academic promotion

Assoc Professor Bonham
Congratulations to nutrition scientist Associate Professor Maxine Bonham whose work in research and clinical education was recognised in the latest round of academic promotions.

A registered nutritionist, Associate Professor Bonham’s early research career at the University of Ulster focused on the risk-benefits of fish consumption during pregnancy on neurocognitive outcome; collaborative work that has resulted in a change to World Health Organisation advice regarding fish consumption during pregnancy.

Since starting at Monash as a Senior Lecturer in 2010, Associate Professor Bonham has successfully established an undergraduate program in Nutrition Science and in 2015 the course was granted specialist course status under the new Monash Course Architecture. 

Associate Professor Bonham’s current role in the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics is spilt between a commitment to education and pursuing her research interests.  

“I always thought I would remain in a 100% research role but the opportunity to work with undergraduate students, see them get excited about research, and progress into PhD and post-doctoral careers is extremely rewarding,” said Associate Professor Bonham. 

Associate Professor Bonham’s research interests are focused on the role diet plays in metabolic health outcomes.  Recent projects include the evaluation of a commercial weight loss program in overweight adolescents and investigating the effect dietary manipulation can have on appetite.  Current research examining the effect of meal timing on glucose and lipid metabolism has implications for people in occupations that require them to eat late into the night.

“We have shown that a meal consumed late at night compared to the morning greatly impacts on glucose metabolism.  This may have implications for the 16% of the Australian population in shift work roles.”

Associate Professor Bonham said that her promotion provides an opportunity not only to continue expanding and strengthening the nutrition science program at Monash but to promote the field of Nutrition Science in Australia.

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