Monday, 20 July 2015

Graduate research student updates

Milestone Management
All Graduate Research students and supervisors to note that the Milestone Report Form has been updated to include provision for streamlining the milestone extensions process where the MRP determines that amendments are required by the student in order to meet the requirements of the milestone.
In order to further simplify the process a new form, Milestone Report Form - Reconvened Panel, has also been created.  This form is to be used where the MRP reconvenes at the end of the extension period to assess the student’s progress and determine whether the student has met the requirements of the milestone.

Information for students enrolled in the Biomedical Sciences PhD Training Program:
1. Monash Doctoral Program (MDP) intranet
The Graduate Researcher Development (GRD) section of the MDP intranet page has been updated to include more detailed information about activities offered under each Learning Domain.   Students and their supervisors may wish to use this resource as a professional development activity planning tool.  Visit the GRD intranet page for further details.

2. Deregistering for GRD activities -
Graduate research students can now register or deregister for Graduate Researcher Development activities in GRAMS right up to the day before the activity is scheduled.
Please encourage graduate research students registered for activities, or on the wait-list, to extend professional courtesy to their colleagues by deregistering if they can no longer attend. This allows fellow students on the wait-list to take their place.

3. GRD Activities Available for Remainder of 2015 - Now listed in GRAMS
To enable graduate research students and their supervisors to plan which GRD activities they wish to undertake in the second half of this year year, all currently planned GRD activities scheduled for this period have been advertised in GRAMS. 
Graduate research students are invited to book into the advertised sessions via GRAMS.

Graduate Research - Supervisor Training

Supervisor Development Programs
The Graduate Education portfolio offers supervisors a variety of development opportunities providing advanced skills and knowledge to guide and monitor graduate research students. Find out more and register for Level 1 Supervisor Training, Master Classes and Good Practice Workshops through the Supervisor Training site or

Please invite Honours and Research Masters’ students from within your faculty to attend and to register here.

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