Wednesday, 12 December 2018

MMC/MCH Safety Alert: Service Road Delays

 Monash University & Hudson Institute are implementing a new delivery protocol at their site storeroom in their Kanooka Grove buildings.

·       The protocol is being put in place to protect staff, delivery personnel and             others due to the number of incidents occurring whilst deliveries are taking place at their storeroom which is located adjacent to their driveway.
·       The protocol will see the driveway under their buildings completely closed during deliveries.  No vehicles will be permitted to pass until the delivery has been completed.
How will this change affect me?
·       Some Monash Health delivery, patient transport, shuttle bus, pool and private cars will be delayed if attempting to use the Monash Uni/Hudson driveway whilst deliveries are taking place. 
·       The internal MMC service roads and MMC Clayton Road entry point remains accessible at all times to enter and depart MMC.
What about safety?
·       This protocol is being put in place to protect staff, delivery drivers, and others using the service road between the Hudson buildings.
How do I obtain further information?
Please contact Site Management for more information or clarification
·       Telephone:            03 959 44727      

·       Email:          

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