Monday, 29 October 2018

Planned Code Yellow - Black Start Exercise - Wednesday November 14, 2018

Forwarded Communication from Monash Health- Impacting Block E and the TRF.  University Buildings (MIMR and MHRP) will not be affected.

What is happening?
·         Monash Medical Centre (MMC) has scheduled the annual Planned Code Yellow “Black Start” emergency power supply exercise for Wednesday November 14, 2018
·         The exercise will commence at 7am and is scheduled to conclude at 8am.
·         Announcements will be made over the public address system at the commencement and conclusion of the planned Code Yellow exercise.
·         Buildings affected by the Planned Code Yellow Black Start are:
                    MMC Main Hospital building & huts
                    E Block
                    I Block
                    Old ELMHS building
                    P Block
                    Visitors Car Park
                    All onsite car parks 
How will the Black Start impact me?
·         MMC will lose power briefly at 7am when the exercise commences, and again at 8am when the exercise concludes.
·         Between 7 and 8am MMC will operate on Generator power.
·         Air conditioning and lighting will be interrupted for brief periods of time.
·         Equipment operating on UPS power will not experience any power interruption.
·         Click Here to read the FAQ’s

How Do I Learn More?
·         Information Sessions are being held to enable you to learn more about the Black Start.
·         All Line Managers, Zone Wardens and interested staff are encouraged to attend
                    11:10am       Tuesday October 30, 2018.                           Lecture Theatre 3
                    2:10pm         Wednesday October 31, 2018                  Lecture Theatre 2
                    2:10pm         Wednesday November 7, 2018,                Lecture Theatre 3

What is a Code Yellow “Black Start” exercise?
·         Our Engineering team undertake a “Black Start” planned exercise annually to test and demonstrate that the emergency power supply system performs as an integrated system and continues to deliver power to critical services in the event that the mains power supply is lost.
·         The exercise is also used to demonstrate the orderly restoration of supplies once the normal power source has been restored

What about safety?
·         All works performed by engineering staff and contractors during the planned Code Yellow Black Start exercise are performed with appropriate tools, controls and PPE, and follow Safe Work Methods.
·         Equipment operating on Building UPS power will not experience any loss of power.
·         Briefing sessions have been scheduled to provide all staff the opportunity to understand the exercise and the potential impacts to MMC.
How do I get more information?
                    Click Here to read the FAQ's
                    Call Engineering:  03 959 41668•    
Email Site Management:

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