Monday, 4 June 2018

United Energy Rectification Works- Kanooka Grove Sunday 10th June

The energy Supply Authority has notified us that they are planning to work on the High Voltage Network in the area on Sunday 10th June 2018. As a result of these works, the High Voltage feed coming from Kanooka Grove will be shut down from 8am to 3pm this Sunday. 

Impacts to the precinct will vary depending on building, summarised below:

Block E and TRF

Impact: None

Hospital buildings are fed via two independent High Voltage Feeds, one from Kanooka Grove and one from Wright Street. Monash Health will switch the electrical load from Kanooka Grove to Wright Street at 7:30am on Sunday and return the feed back at 3:30pm on the same day, there will be No loss of power during the switching operations.

There will be generator back-up for the duration of the works if required. 

Building 261 (MIMR/HUDSON/IRD) and Building 262 (MHRP)

Impact: Loss of General Power
Power Available: Generator Power ONLY.

Both of these buildings are fed Only from the Kanooka Grove feed, so they will lose power during the duration of the works.

Power will only be distributed through the generator via the RED coloured power points 

What can staff do to help ?

1. On Friday 8th June to avoid potential damage to computers and non essential lab equipment, please ensure that all non essential (white power points) are turned off in office and lab areas.

2. Please ensure that essential equipment (fridges/freezers and anything else that is deemed essential to run over the weekend) is connected to an essential (RED power point).  If you are not sure ask us for assistance.

3. Reduce the amount of non essential equipment (pipette chargers, block heaters, centrifuges, vortex mixers etc) plugged into a red power point, these do not need to be on and will increase the load on the generator increasing fuel consumption.

4. Organise your week so that you do not need to come into work this Sunday.

Area Managers:

1. Please ensure your fridge freezers are plugged into essential power, please let us know if you need help

2. ensure this message is repeated at your lab meetings.

Any questions, please ask

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