Monday, 16 April 2018

New oncology intergroup meetings at MHTP – all welcome

Oncology intergroup lab members

For the first time, weekly oncology intergroup lab meetings are taking place at the Monash Health Translation Precinct (MHTP).

Facilitated by Director of Oncology Professor Eva Segelov, the meetings bring together the four cancer research groups in the precinct: the Southey, Azad, Shortt and Segelov labs.

Professor Segelov said the cancer and blood portfolio at MHTP has increased significantly, with many new staff, students and projects.

“These meetings are a new initiative, prompted by achieving a critical mass of researchers, translational scientists and clinicians,” Professor Segelov said.

“The meetings alternate between journal club presentations and topic presentations, relating to current work, as well as invited speakers.”

“Each meeting starts with an informal discussion about grants, upcoming talks, troubleshooting of projects, asking for assistance or informing peers of new techniques, equipment or skills.”

“The first few meetings were introductory, where we explored the many and varied skills within the groups, ranging from bioinformatics to highly specialised lab techniques.”

“The meeting also opens the opportunity to practice an upcoming talk, so that any lab member with an upcoming conference or other presentation can have a full run-through their talk and benefit from productive feedback and a preview of what questions they may be asked.”

Professor Segelov said she has already seen much more interaction between the research groups both during the sessions and throughout the week—expertise has been shared and combined projects and even grants have been planned.

“A particular emphasis is on giving the clinical perspective as to how this work may help patients in the future and what the opportunities as well as challenges may be,” she said.

All researchers across the Monash campus are welcome to attend the Friday meetings on level 7 of the TRF, either weekly or based on a topic.  For the upcoming schedule, please contact Daphne Day or Heide Fettke.

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