Monday, 31 July 2017

Jason Lao PhD pre-submission seminar, 4 August

All staff and students are invited to Jason Lao's PhD pre-submission seminar.

4 August, 10.30am, Seminar Room 1, TRF

"Exploring a new frontier: The immune and coagulation systems of the premature infant and their relevance in major diseases of prematurity"

Supervisors: Dr Claudia Nold, A/Prof Marcel Nold, Dr Ina Rudloff, Dr Niamh Mangan
Panel chair: Prof Graham Jekins
Independent assesors: Prof Jim Buttery, Dr Jim Harris
Synopsis: Extremely premature infants are prone to a unique set of diseases including bronchopulmonary dysplaisa (BPD). This seminar will present findings based on a cohort of 51 infants on postnatal T cell development as well as T cell polarisation and its association with BPD.

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