Monday, 19 June 2017

Biostatistics Consulting Platform

The Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Biostatistics Consulting Platform (BCP) was established last year to support research across all schools and campuses of the Faculty.

The primary aim of the BCP is to enhance the quality, efficiency and impact of Faculty research through the provision of biostatistical advice, consultancy and collaboration at all stages of the research process, including concept development, grant application, study design, protocol development, planning, data collection, statistical analysis, reporting and publication.

All researchers with appointments in FMNHS are eligible for this support.  Adjunct faculty members are also eligible if they regularly include a Monash University affiliation in their publications.
The faculty is heavily subsidising the cost of providing the services of the platform. However, there is a residual user fee, amounting to $100/hour, which will be paid by research grants of users.
SCS researchers should seek approval of their supervisor (or the grant CI) before utilising the service. Researchers must also please advise SCS Finance Manager, Rebecca Preston of their planned usage in order to apportion the costs.
The Biostatistics Consulting Platform web page can also be viewed at:

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