Monday, 29 May 2017

PhD Progress Review Milestone, SJ Shen, 1 June

All staff and students are invited to SJ Shen's milestone review.  Thursday 1 June, 2.30-4.30pm, Medicine Seminar Room, Block E, Level 5, MMC.

 Presentation Title: Investigating the role of dietary fibre in the modulation of immune function 
and leukocyte recruitment during colitis

 Synopsis: The interaction between fibre, iNKT cells, neutrophil recruitment and murine colitis is poorly understood. My project aims to 1) examine the role of iNKT cells on neutrophil recruit in DSS-induced colitis; 2) assess the role of fibre and acetate on healthy and diseases mice
Supervisors:  Dr Connie Wong and Prof. Michael Hickey 

 Panel Chair: Dr. Ashley Mansell

 Independent assessors: Dr. Adam Uldrich and Prof. William Sievert

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