Monday, 29 May 2017

Participants needed to take part in a diabetes clinical trial

ü  A pre-diabetic OR have type 2 diabetes (diet-controlled or taking Metformin only)
ü  Aged between 18 and 70 years
ü  Someone with no significant weight change in the last 6 months or have no intention to lose weight in the next 3 months
ü  Not taking other regular medications
ü  Someone with no significant diseases that require treatment
ü  A non-smoker, non-drug user, non-high alcohol intake
ü  Not lactating, pregnant or planning to be in next 4-6 months
ü  Living in Melbourne

ü  $100 visa card or gift card of your choice as a token of appreciation
ü  Free diabetes and cardiovascular risk assessment
ü  Free body fat and muscle assessment (around $200 value)
ü  Free Fibroscan to assess condition of your liver
ü  Free routine blood tests
ü  Free cognitive tests

This study involves up to 5 visits over a period of approximately 14 weeks and takes place at Monash Medical Centre in Clayton. Medical certificates can be provided when needed.
For further information, or to take part, please contact Josphin Johnson @ 0385722629 or Email:
(This study has approval from the Monash Health Human Research Ethics Committee–Project Number 16061A).

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