Monday, 24 April 2017

PhD milestone review, Khai Gene Leong, "Cyclophilins in renal disease", 3 May

All staff and students are invited to Khai Gene Leong's PhD milestone review seminar.

9.30 - 11am, 3 May, Conference Room, Department of Nephrology, MMC

                      Synopsis:   Inflammation and apoptosis are important underlying causes of renal injury/ dysfunction, and progressive renal fibrosis leading to chronic kidney disease. However, despite the large burden of acute kidney injury (AKI) and chronic kidney disease (CKD), there is no current successful clinical therapeutics that halts the process of AKI, and progression of AKI to CKD. Cyclophilins are ubiquitously expressed proteins that are physiologically involved in protein folding. Of these, Cyclophilin A (CypA) has a key role in regulating the inflammatory process, and Cyclophlin D (CypD) is an essential component of the mitochondrial permeability membrane pore opening leading to cell death. I will explore the roles of CypA and CypD in contributing to renal disease to aid in future development of therapeutics that may lessen the incidence and prevalence of AKI and CKD.

Supervisors: A/Prof David Nikolic-Paterson; A/Prof John Kanellis; Dr. Frank Ma

Panel Chair:   Prof Michael Hickey

Independent asssessors:      Prof Peter Kerr; Dr. Daniel Bird

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