Monday, 24 April 2017

Important: Changes to Graduate Research Scholarship Rounds

The recruitment of talented and high quality students worldwide is one of the key strategies of Monash University. To help achieve this goal, the university has reviewed current practice and announced two significant changes with regards to graduate research student recruitment:
  • Increase from two to four graduate research scholarship rounds per year; and
  • Separation of domestic and international applicants for scholarship rounds.
This initiative led by Monash Graduate Education (MGE), will take better advantage of the recruitment windows for applicants from the northern hemisphere, and ensure competitiveness for both local and international markets. Changes will be implemented from 1 June 2017 following the closure of applications for the current scholarship round.
The table below highlights the key dates for the current round and each of the new scholarship rounds:

Note that there is no change to the current Scholarship Round closing Wednesday 31 May 2017 that is open to BOTH domestic and international applicants.

Applications for the new, separate scholarship rounds 3 and 4/2017 will open on 1 June 2017 as indicated in the table above.
Further Information
For more detail about the change to Graduate Research Scholarship Rounds, please refer to the following MGE Intranet page.

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