Monday, 27 March 2017

PhD milestone review, Lexie Prokopuk: "Programming the oocyte epigenome: establishing a foundation for the next generation", 4 April

All staff and students are invited to attend Lexie Prokopuk's PhD milestone review seminar.

9.45am, 4 April, Hudson Boardrooms A&B

Synopsis: Germ cells are the founder cells that give rise to mature eggs and sperm. Epigenetic modifications are laid down throughout early gamete development not only ensure correct development in an individual, but also that of the subsequent generation. My PhD project discusses how alterations to epigenetic modifiers during fetal germline development affect the oocyte epigenome and outcomes in offspring.

Supervisors: Dr Patrick Western (main) and Dr Jessica Stringer (co-supervisor)

Panel Chair: Prof Elizabeth Algar

Independent assessors: Dr Karla Hutt and Prof Richard Saffery

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