Monday, 27 March 2017

PhD Confirmation of Candidature Michelle Chonwerawong: The role of NLRC5 in inflammation and lymphoid tissue formation, 30 March

All staff and students are invited to Michelle Chonwerawong's PhD confirmation of candidature.

2-3pm, 30 March, Level 2 meeting room, Hudson Institute of Medical Research

Thesis title: The role of NLRC5 in Helicobacter-induced inflammation and lymphoid tissue formation. 

Synopsis: Helicobacter pylori is 
an extracellular mucosal pathogen that colonises up to half of the world’s population and establishes chronic infection, ultimately leading to gastric cancer. The newly discovered NOD-like receptor, NLRC5 has been shown to regulate both pro- and anti- inflammatory responses. My PhD aims to investigate the mechanisms of NLRC5-mediated regulation of pro-inflammatory responses induced by macrophages during Helicobacter gastritis and gastric MALT lymphoma. Identifying a new role for NLRC5 in the context of Helicobacter infection may provide insight into the progression and development of H. pylori-related diseases which pose as disease burdens in the community. 

Supervisors: Assoc. Prof. Richard Ferrero and Dr. Jonathan Ferrand.
Panel Chair: Dr. Connie Wong.
Independent assessors: Dr. Michelle Tate (Hudson Institute of Medical Research) and Prof. Stephen Turner (Monash University)

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