Monday, 6 March 2017

PhD confirmation milestone, Sarah Moody, 16 March

All staff and students are invited to Sarah Moody's confirmation milestone.

16 March at 10am, Hudson Institute Level 2 meeting room.

Title:  Investigating the effects of TGFBeta signalling on epigenetic regulation of germ cells during fetal development

Synopsis:  Fetal germ cell development is a complex process which includes epigenetic reprogramming.  The PIWI/piRNA pathway is crucial for the repression of transposable elements during this time, and little is known about how methylation is controlled.  TGFbeta signalling is an important pathway involved in testis development and my project will test the hypothesis that changes in TGFbeta signalling will alter PIWI/piRNA machinery synthesis. 

Supervisors:  Prof. Kate Loveland and Dr Patrick Western

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