Monday, 13 February 2017

PhD confirmation, Champa Nataraja, 21 February

All staff and students are invited to Champa Nataraja's PhD confirmation.

12pm, Tuesday 21 February,  Seminar Room 1, Level 2, TRF

Thesis title: GILZ regulates type 1 IFN production in SLE and represents an effective, metabolically inert alternative to GCs for the treatment of SLE.

Synopsis: Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a clinically diverse autoimmune disease characterized by the loss of tolerance to nuclear self-antigens and autoantibody production, and type 1 Interferon play a critical role in SLE pathogenesis. The majority of patients with SLE are typically treated with Glucocorticoids (GCs) due to their broad anti-inflammatory effect but result in significant metabolic adverse effects that contribute to increased morbidity and mortality in SLE.There is a critical need for alternative therapies to glucocorticoids that can exert similar anti-inflammatory effects, such as inhibition of type I interferon production, but without causing the metabolic adverse effects of GC. GILZ (Glucocorticoid-induced leucine zipper), a GC-inducible protein, may represent such an alternative. Thus, I aim to determine that GILZ regulates type 1 IFN production and is metabolically inert distinct from GCs. This work will validate GILZ as a therapeutic target in SLE and potentially lead to a therapy reducing dependence on GC in SLE treatment.

Supervisors: Prof Eric Morand, Dr Sarah Jones and Prof Michelle Leech
Panel Chair: Dr George Grigoriadis
Independent assessors: Dr Alberta Hoi, Prof Philip Hodgkin

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