Monday, 13 February 2017

Introduction to Bioinformatics at MHTP, 22 February

MHTP Bioinformatics team
Wed 22 Feb, 2.30pm - Seminar room 2, level 2, TRF

Presented by Wishva Herath, on behalf of the MHTP Bioinformatics team (Roxane Legaie, Ross Chapman, Helen Cumming, Jamie Gearing, Isaac Woodhouse, Andrew Perry and Claire Sun).

Recently brought together, the bioinformaticians at MHTP will showcase their skills and capabilities in order to raise awareness about the need for cutting-edge bioinformatics practices, the resources required for the analysis of such "Big Data", as well as the support they can provide to the local research community.

The talk will be followed with an open discussion where everyone is invited to ask questions and provide feedback on what their bioinformatics needs are or will be. 

Researchers are also encouraged to fill in our pre-survey to help us tailor our future events:

For more information or to join the bioinformatics team please contact:

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