Monday, 5 December 2016

What's on for 6-9 Dec 2016

Did you know that SCS events, lectures, seminars and more are scheduled in the SCS calendar?  You can subscribe to our calendar, ensuring you will receive invitations and never miss another event or meeting.
Just click on any of the scheduled events and you can easily add it to your own calendar.
The SCS calendar is on the front page of SCS eNews: ( You can also add the SCS calendar to your list of calendars by clicking on the +Google calendar button found at the right hand side corner below the calendar.

What's on for 6-9 Dec 2016

Tue 06/12/2016 12:00 CID - Weekly Seminar Series
13:00 CiiiD Seminar Series
Fri 09/11/2016 13:00
PhD Confirmation of Candidature - Dr. Jasna Aleksova

Forthcoming events

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