Monday, 19 December 2016

SCS researcher receives Achievement and Career Development Award

Dr Connie Wong
Congratulations Dr Connie Wong, winner of the Australian Vascular Biology Society’s “Achievement and Career Development” Award.
The competitive award worth $10,000 is a prestigious prize for early-mid career researchers in recognition of significant achievements and promotes potential future success.

Dr Wong from the Centre for Inflammatory Diseases, School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health (SCS) will use the award to conduct a pilot study to collaborate with Monash Health stroke clinicians to understand how a brain injury like stroke can trigger changes in the gut in such a way that increases the risk of infections in patients.

“The pilot will give us a first look to see whether the pathways we examined in the experimental settings can be applied in the clinics,” said Dr Wong.

“If the results are positive, it will be a very significant step closer to developing powerful and targeted treatment regimens for stroke patients, ultimately improving patient outcomes.”

Dr Wong said it was a great honour to receive recognition from her peers, especially from the people who she has admired and drawn inspiration from over the years.

“This award will facilitate the development of new collaborations and provide support to generate data, important for upcoming competitive funding opportunities.”

The award will also help fund Dr Wong’s research group to travel and attend the next Australian Vascular Biology Society’s meeting in Mooloolaba.

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