Monday, 19 December 2016

PhD candidate at SCS recognised for stem cell research to help patients with liver disease

Majid Alhomrani
Congratulations SCS PhD candidate Majid Alhomrani who was selected as one of the six best poster presentations and was awarded a travel grant at the Australasian Society for Stem Cell Research (ASSCR) Annual Scientific Meeting in Western Australia earlier this month.

Mr Alhomrani’s research focuses on liver cirrhosis, the long-term outcome of persistent and unregulated hepatic wound healing in the setting of ongoing liver injury.

 “For many patients who progress to cirrhosis, a lack of response to existing therapy or the absence of any effective treatment means that their only prospect for survival is liver transplantation and there is a clear need for alternatives to whole organ transplantation for these patients.” Said Mr Alhomrani.

Mr Alhomrani is investigating the efficacy of human amnion epithelial cells exosome (hAEC-Ev) which is secreted nanosized (70-200 nm) membrane vesicles that may act as a novel cell-cell communicator.

Mr Alhomrani’s research suggests hAEC EV based therapy may be a potential candidate for treating liver fibrosis.  

Mr Alhomrani thanks and acknowledges the support of his supervisors Professor William Sievert, Dr Rebecca Lim and all lab members.

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