Monday, 21 November 2016

Leadership training opportunity for SCS Women in senior academic and staff positions

Do you aspire to a leadership position but not sure what it entails? The Women’s Leadership Shadowing Program at MHTP prepares and encourages women working in senior academic medicine for leadership roles.

The Women’s Leadership Shadowing Program at MHTP will:
  • ·         elevate your profile with senior University management staff
  • ·         allow you to observe different management and meeting styles
  • ·      enable you to become familiar with the range of tasks in which the SCS leadership team members engage
  • ·      provide you with a group of female staff who have knowledge of key leadership positions and who are motivated to seek leadership roles

Mirroring the Monash University program for senior women, those considered eligible for the Women’s Leadership Shadowing Program at MHTP are at or beyond a senior lecturer/mid-career researcher level.

Interested applicants are asked to provide evidence of current leadership, leadership potential and career goals in a single pdf document consisting of a 1 page cover letter and a 2-3 page curriculum vitae. This will enable leaders and shadows to be suitably matched by senior members of the SCS Women in Medicine and Science Working Group. 

Specific leaders may be requested, but pairings are not guaranteed.

Closing date for applications: 30th November 2016.

Send applications addressed to: SCS WIMS Working Group to:

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