Monday, 31 October 2016

MRO ARC Information Session - Discovery Projects/Discovery Indigenous, 10 November

The Monash Research Office will be holding an information session for researchers intending to apply to the Discovery Projects or Discovery Indigenous rounds early next year.

The information sessions will provide an overview of the ARC Funding Rules, as well as providing advice on funding trends and the features of successful proposals. There will also be an opportunity for you to ask questions and clarify any confusion regarding the Funding Rules, the structure of the proposals or the submission process.

MRO ARC Information Session - DP18/IN18
Thursday, 10 November 2016
Clayton: 16 Rainforest Walk, Room S9
2.00pm - 3:00pm
Please click to REGISTER.

This session will be video linked to:

  • Berwick Boardroom
  • Caulfield VCF (H7.82) 
  • Peninsula VCF (W3.01) 
  • Parkville tbc
  • Hudson Seminar 1. Level 2 TRF Building (10 Nov)
  • Hudson Seminar 3, Level 2 TRF Buidling (22 Nov)
  • Alfred Centre, Boardroom 1

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