Monday, 31 October 2016

Monash paediatric sleep researchers showcased at ASA conference

PhD student Knarik Tamanyan
Researchers from the Ritchie Centre and Department of Paediatrics attended the Australasian Sleep Association Annual Conference in Adelaide last week. 

The group demonstrated that they are leaders in this field of research with their large number of presentations which showcased the breadth of their research. 

Associate Professor Gillian Nixon, Deputy Director of the Melbourne Children's Sleep Centre gave two plenary talks on the consequences of sleep disordered breathing in children while Professor Rosemary Horne participated in a symposium on cardiorespiratory interactions and the role of sleep, arousal and hypoxia from inutero to adulthood and from bench to bedside. 

The Monash researchers, including postdoctoral fellow Dr Lisa Walter, and students Dr Moya Vandeleur and Ms Knarik Tamanyan presented 7 posters  and 4 oral  presentations.  Knarik (pictured) was awarded a travel grant to attend. Postdoctoral research fellow Dr Sarah Biggs chaired the conference.

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